Team event “Fraport Firmenlauf” 2018

Some colleagues of our team from Frankfurt Airport also took part in the 17th Fraportlauf in 2018. Although the fun was more important than the result over the 5 km distance, our sporting success is also clearly visible in the results. With just under 998 participants, there was even 12th place in the individual rating M35 (male, 35-40 years)! And that our team has fun running and with each other, was also noticed by the moderators of the event and by loudspeaker announcement “the IER a happy togetherness” certifies. The good team cohesion is also documented by the fact that the colleagues who were not actively participating in the run, cheered our athletes loudly and received in the finish area.

We are proud of our “Frankfurt boys” and look forward to the event in the coming year!