Self service

Systems of the future

Self service solutions are attested a high growth potential in various branches. Good to have a partner who takes care of the maintenance and service.

Parking meters
Preventive maintenance: regular inspections of the infrastructure guarantee the highest level of availability.
Ticket vending machines
Corrective maintenance: in case of a defect, this will be corrected as quickly as possible within the agreed SLA and the system is back in working conditions
In-house kiosk systems
Upgrade services: Why does it always have to be brand new? We extend the lifetime of investments with technology upgrades
Project management
Turnkey solution

Roll out services

Service include the operational planning of the roll out as well as its execution and documentation (e. g. stock taking). Two scenarios are to be met:

First, if it is a green field installation of an IT-system (e. g. server room, network infrastructure or end user equipment) or second, a re-newal of an existing infrastructure. For both scenarios, we are the partner of our customer.

Customized support level
Germany-wide network
High performance
On-site services

2nd level support

As for 2nd level support, PROFLEXIS is infromed via a first level support – mostly a hotline – using a ticket system about a required intervention. The technician solves the issue on-site within shortest time (e. g. by replacing the defective device with a working one). Via a mobile system the ticket systems of the 1st level support is informed in real time and the closing of the incident is acknowledged.

First time fix
Own workshops
Optimimized logistics
Close manufacturer contacts

Repair and spare part management

Repair and spare part management are part of the 3rd level support. This is all about physical repairs of IT equipment. Repairs for multivendor equipment can be either done in our repair center or at the customers site.

This service can also include refurbishment of equipment. For example, by cleaning or swap of wear and tear parts. This can be done either during repairs or in dedicasted projects.

Europe-wide logistics
Swap units
High availability

Logistics and spare part management

Depending on customer requirements, we can also provide different service levels in the area of logistics and warehousing.

We can offer the right package, starting with storing necessary spare parts, handling the repair logistics with the manufacturers, right through to a full inventory and a permanent inventory of the systems.